Hall of Fame


At the end of every season, Iron Dragons honours outstanding paddlers with awards for their commitment and effort towards the team. These awards include:


Rookie of the Year Award

Awarded to a newcomer to the team who truly gave the veterans a run for their money.


Improvement Award

Given to the paddler whose performance, technique, teamwork and spirit have improved the most during the season - the winner has worked hard to make him/herself an asset to the team.


Spirit Award

The winner of this award, if we calculated it, would probably have the largest integral of decibel noise level over time. (S)he would also make a good cheerleader, if we had cheerleaders (we don't).


Yoda Dedication Award

Named in recognition of Stanis "Yoda" Yu for his 17 years dedication with the Iron Dragons, this honour is awarded to a paddler who demonstrates the most dedication and commitment to the team throughout the entire season. Typically this person has a excellent attendance record for both practices and races.


MVP Award

Most Valuable Paddler.


2023David Montes de Oca (Open)
Kassie Tan (Women)
Alex Qin (Purple)
Truman Yuen (Open)
Zahra Kandola (Women)
Tony Juntao Hu (Purple)
William Lingga (Open)
Monica Nguyen (Women)
Vivian Tu (Purple)
Kevin Zhu (Purple)
Jack Huang (Open)
Monica Nguyen (Women)
Harry Nguyen (Purple)
Ehren Chang (Open)
Rachel Yam (Women)
Paula Arkhangorodsky (Purple)
2022Henry Zhang (Open)
Natalie Wong (Women)
Callum Derry (Open)
Samantha Paradi-Maropakis (Women)
Derek Choi (Open)
Rachel Yam (Women)
Chris Chang (Open)
Joanne Tan (Women)
Vincent Tang (Open)
Alissa Ung (Women)
2019Alex Dolmaya (Open)
Gabrielle Lau (Women)
Joshua Madero (Open)
Yca Meriel (Women)
Dan Phan (Open)
Hannah Fletcher (Women)
Jameson Nguyen (Purple)
Ehren Chang (Open)
Yca Meriel (Women)
Harry Zhu (Open)
Nicola Poon (Women)
Nicola Poon (Mixed)
Ethan Miles (Purple)
2018Thomas Nguyen (Open)
Tina Lee (Women)
Nicolas Luy (Open)
Tina Lee (Women)
Brandon Cheung (Open)
Lindsay Kruitwagen (Women)
Harry Zhu (Open)
Alexandra Davidson (Women)
Julian Lai (Open)
Gina Kim (Women)
Gina Kim (Mixed)
2017Bogdan Raspopin (Blue)
Andy Xu (Gold)
Claire Velikonja (Purple)
Alex Wang (Blue)
Shems Saleh (Gold)
Kevin Huang (Purple)
Elijah Wigmore (Blue)
Carole Suarez (Gold)
Raymond Yu (Purple)
Bogdan Raspopin (Blue)
Nikolas Mastandrea (Gold)
Timothy Chern (Purple)
Hweedo Chang (Blue)
Rebekah Kim (Gold)
Timothy Chern (Purple)
Elijah Wigmore (Open)
Gina Kim (Women)
2016Dawn Virginillo (Blue)
Jimmy Hou (Gold)
Xinli Tu (Purple)
Jacky Lei (Blue)
Trevor Ung (Gold)
Michael Zhao (Purple)
Simon De Vuyst (Blue)
Gavin Ching (Gold)
Michael Battaglia (Purple)
Kavya Roy (Blue)
Cindy Lian (Gold)
Chanhee Park (Purple)
Allan Shek (Blue)
Michael Lancaster (Open)
Cindy Lian (Gold)
Anne Zeng (Purple)
2015Edmond Mok (Blue)
Ryan Do (Gold)
Michael Lancaster (Blue)
Gina Kim (Gold)
Sangah Han (Blue)
Julian Lai (Gold)
Edmond Mok (Blue)
Elijah Wigmore (Gold)
Jeff Li (Blue)
Julian Lai (Gold)
2014Jayne Zaatar (Blue)
George Matyas (Gold)
Kyle Fortoloczky (Blue)
George Matyas (Gold)
Zachary Morrow (Blue)
Fan Guo (Gold)
Vinson Truong (Blue)
George Matyas (Gold)
Michael Lucky (Blue)
Matt Pua (Gold)
2013Hweedo Chang (Blue)
Simon De Vuyst (Gold)
Emily Ng (Blue)
Kevin Rupasinghe (Gold)
Marissa Goldsmith (Blue)
Parisa Najafi (Gold)
Judith Chan (Blue)
Nathan Pua (Gold)
Marissa Goldsmith (Blue)
Jonathan Correia (Gold)
2012Jon BrunettiAudrey ChanDesmond ChanRick ZhangAudrey Chan
2011Juhx PellazarNikola RadovanovicAlex HongBennett YanDamian Durlik
2010André DelhaiseAndrew RosseletAlex HongAlex HongThomas He
2009Damian DurlikGalen HoganEric BradshawGalen HoganPaul Haist
2008Will LaAudrey ChanPhil LamSophie HuEd Sykes
2007Victor ShihMeji LeeOmar SalihbegovicDanny ChoStephen Oung
2006Ed SykesAmy WongPhil LamHemesh YasotharanBrian Carew
2005Charles Yoon---Kento OnishiHemesh YasotharanRaymond Oung
2004Paul Kishimoto---Paul ChavezJames LoRaymond Oung
2003Raymond Oung------------

The following honours are no longer awarded:

Veteran of the Year: Awarded to an outstanding non-rookie paddler.

2005 Anderson Chu

2004 Emily Chan

Most Appreciated Paddler

2003 Angela Lo